If you are wondering why you should participate in the Kempten’s Data Science summer school, as I was a few months ago, the experience I’m sharing below may be helpful!

It is for everyone!

The purpose of this programme is to introduce Data Science in a way accessible to students of all academic backgrounds.  I can honestly say that Professor Jochen Staudacher together with guest lecturers Emily Dolson and Acacia Ackles from the Michigan State University provide a thorough introduction in such a short time. The main objective of the course was to prepare a final project in R language, which was intimidating as I had never worked with R before. Now I can confidently write small projects in R! Moreover, I’ve already started using R for analyzing data in my ongoing master’s thesis.

It is a Summer School

Earning some extra credits and building stronger CV at the same time aren’t the only benefits! We had a unique education environment where we could visit experimental labs and observe projects bigger than our own. Our topics aren’t typically offered in other universities, either! Your international classmates will be the best memories, socializing with students from around the world, sightseeing and even enjoying Kempten nightlife together.

It is in Bavaria

Even though I have visited Germany few times before, I have to admit that no other state in Germany boasts the variety that can be found within Bavaria. We were lucky to enjoy the smoked beer in a biergarten together with some meaty treats, hike to the picturesque mountains, admire architectural wonders of Munich, check what future BMW offers to its customers and visit dreamy Neuschwanstein castle, which is my personal highlight of the social programme. After my history lessons during Bachelor studies, I was always curious to visit this mysterious castle and thank you, Kempten Summer School, for making it happen!

To sum up: I truly recommend that if you want to create a summer school experience that will always stay in your memory, you won’t achieve it with only seminars. An integral part of it is human factor. This is why I would like to thank my lecturers, summer school team – Claudia and Michaela, as well as to every participant, who made my 10 days spent in Kempten unforgettable!

Dear future student, enjoy your time in Kempten!