When I enrolled myself in Kempten summer school I was not aware of the fact that it will be one of the most memorable time in my life. Honestly I was very nervous in the beginning but in every step of my journey the organising team especially Michaela and Claudia helped me with all their heart. The program had a perfect blend of studies and cultural activities it could be best defined as ‘We worked hard in the morning and partied hard in the evening’. The classes were super interesting and the teaching method of Dr. Jochen Staudacher, the course director, was amazing.

The summer school was a great exposure where I got to know different trends in the industries, different cultures through all the international students and of course made great friends.

I would strongly recommend this summer school as it not only helps you to become a trained professional but also helps you gain great exposure.
I am really thankful to all the people affiliated to Kempten summer school to make my journey so memorable.