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A certificate of enrolment is a certificate that confirms that you are a student at your university. We can only accept students, no professionals.
Instead of a copy of your health insurance policy you are also welcome to upload, as long as you haven't been accepted for Kempten Summer School, a file saying, that you will organize your health insurance as soon as you have been accepted.

The fee is only due upon binding registration, once you are admitted to the Summer School after your materials have been reviewed. The price is not refundable. Payment by bank transfer is mandatory within 14 days once you have received your confirmation in order to secure your place. Bank details will be sent with the letter of confirmation.

Photographs and film footage may be taken during Kempten Summer School, which may include your recognisable image or a video. By submitting your application you consent to being photographed or filmed and authorise the organisers to use the photographs or film in print, digital, video or web-based format for its promotional and archival purposes.

As usual, we reserve the right to cancel the course in the unlikely event that a minimum number of participants is not reached.

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