I had a terrific time in Kempten enjoying all sorts of new experiences – from learning R, to hiking in the beautiful nearby mountains, to trying some of the best beer in the world! The team organized a great program and I learned a lot from the lecturers inside the classroom as well as about my classmates’ cultures and countries during our free time. Come to Kempten – would recommend it!

Joseph from United States, Indiana University East, USA

Hi! If you read this while still in doubt about registering for this course: I would definitely recommend it! I had a lot of fun meeting international people, visiting the beautiful places in Bavaria while learning serveral useful tools for my studies. I hope you will enjoy as much as I did!

Anne-Wil from the Netherlands, Eidhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

If you are interested in learning more about Data Science, in discovering a new country, meeting new people and widening your horizon, then Kempten Summer School is the place to be! Loved every day I spent here and hope to come back as a full-time student! ­čÖé

Teona from Georgia, Tallin University of Technology, Estonia

The course was very helpful and great! All in all it was working hard in the day and enjoying in the evening because of its awesome design.

Agrieem from India, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, India

I came here without any knowledge about programming and computer science and even though I learned a lot. The instructors were amazing and the social program was also much fun. I truly can advise you to come!

Sude from Turkey, MEF University Istanbul, Turkey

The Summer School was great! We learnt a lot about Data Science and programming in R. In addition, we saw some cool applications in different fields. The most important thing for me was meeting amazing people from different cultures.

Tom from the Netherlands, Eidhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Really interesting and fun introduction to data science with R. Overall a great international experience which I would highly recommend.

Enrique from Spain, Universidad de Deusto, Spain

I had such a great time at Kempten Summer School! Getting familiar with data science and having fun at the same time might be very hard. At Kempten Summer School it is definitely possible!

Kai from Germany, Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany

Thank you very much for this course. I enjoyed the educational part as well as the recreational part. Keep it in the same way!

Gennady from Russia, Kuban State Technological University, Russia