Prof. Dr. Jochen Staudacher

Academic Program Director Summer School
Jochen Staudacher is a professor of Operations Research and Statistics at Kempten University. A mathematician by training he has become an “R enthusiast” over the last couple of years. As part of his research in game theory, he is writing so-called R packages, i.e. extensions of the environment for his field.
Jochen is the maintainer of the R packages CoopGame for cooperative game theory and EvolutionaryGames for evolutionary game theory and has further R packages in the making. For our summer school “Data Science for Everyone” Jochen will leave maths and game theory aside. Instead, Jochen will tell you about some free tools which not only have made him curse MS-Word and MS-Excel much less frequently, but are also making the lives of plenty of students, researchers and practitioners worldwide easier on a daily basis.

Dr. Péter Vékás, guest lecturer from Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary

Péter Vékás is an assistant professor of Mathematical and Statistical Modeling at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. An actuary by training, he regularly delivers lectures and tutorials on data science, machine learning and statistics at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels at his home university as well as foreign universities, private enterprises and the Central Bank of Hungary. In our summer school, Péter will introduce participants to techniques of data visualization based on Leland Wilkinson’s Grammar of Graphics framework via the popular ggplot2 extension package of the R language. By making their data visible, attendees will discover that a picture is worth a thousand words.