When I decided to take part in the Summer School, I could not imagine what fascinating 10 days I was about to have. Since the first contact through e-mail, I had all the support I needed with documentation and clarifying my doubts. On Sunday, 22nd, the German students organised a first get together with us. We had such a nice time getting to know everyone.

Summer school gave an introduction in Data Science by learning R language and understanding how it is involved in various fields (marketing, energy, health, tourism, machine learning). During all classes, we had great support from all the professors, especially from Dr. Jochen Staudacher, who was responsible for the introduction to Data Science and R language. I could not forget to thank Jonas B├╝hler, who assisted in the lessons, Guest Professor Nitash, from Michigan State University, also responsible for teaching R language, and all other Professors who gave us such incredible lessons.

Apart from the program, Kempten Summer School also had a Social Program, in which we were taken to a tour in the city, an amazing Bavarian Get Together, a technical visit in Bosch Company, a tour in Munich (including BMW Museum!), a breath-taking tour in Neuschwanstein Castle and a Farewell Barbecue. All German students and Claudia were very welcoming and always helped us in what we needed, trying to make our stay in Kempten even better.

These are just some of the reasons Kempten Summer School was so wonderful. I feel more prepared to deal with data in the industry and had such an incredible time with people from all around the world. I would strongly recommend this experience! I already miss my time in Kempten!