We were really excited when our international guests arrived, because we were the first to meet them. The first minutes were a bit silent, but then everybody got warmer with each other during dinner and at the end of the evening it seemed as if they had known each other for years.

During the following days we had so much fun together. At the “Bavarian Get together” on our rooftop terrace everyone was able to try out different typical Bavarian beers and foods and could dress in Dirndl and Lederhosen.

The weekend was special for all of us. On Saturday we did a sightseeing tour in Munich and had a guided tour through the BMW Museum. In the spare time everyone had the opportunity to explore Munich by himself. Some of us explored for example Hofbräuhaus, others went shopping at Primark (we´re happy they opened in May this year) and a few enjoyed the view from the St. Peter’s church

On Sunday visited famous fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein and enjoyed stunning views. Later on, we took the cable car on top of Tegelberg. That was a great experience! We had lunch with an awesome view all over the Allgäu. Some just enjoyed their time with “Leberkäs” and “Apfelstrudel”, others needed more action and decided to try out how fast you can go in a summer toboggan run.

Campus life in Kempten seems to be very different to other universities and it was a pleasure for us to show a living campus where students have a lot of liberties and love spending even their spare time. We are used to have parties on campus several times a year and at the cafeteria even beer is sold. This seemed a bit strange to some of our guests.

On Wednesday we explored typical student nightlife at “Parktheater”. Every Wednesday there is “Study Club” and we partied the whole night! Nevertheless, everyone was at the lecture the next morning, some more awake than others, but everyone was there.

The lectures were very interesting and helped to get a good insight in the data analyze tool “R”. Everything was structured with many practical sessions, so everyone was able to follow and had time to understand the more complex topics. The lecturers really cared that no one was left behind. Many thanks to Jonas, our teaching assistent, for helping us that often!



On the Faculty’s day we had the possibility to choose from different subjects. Mr. Finkenrath showed us the solar panels on the rooftop, which was really interesting and allowed a great view over the campus. In the afternoon Mrs. Becker offered a lecture in intercultural competence which was very interactive and so much fun for us. Thanks to all lecturers who gave us the opportunity to learn something and special thanks to Nitash, who took the long way from Michigan to teach us with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.

Last but not least many thanks to Mrs. Wartenberg and Mr. Staudacher who made all this happen and brought us all together! We´re proud that we were part of Kempten University’s first Summer School.

We had a really good time together. It couldn´t have been any better!! We had 10 awesome days with lots of fun and made many new friends. We will miss you! Thank you all for these great 10 days!!!!