• You will receive a hands-on introduction to data science and get familiarized with many useful tools, in particular, but not only “R”. Learn about the latest trends, e.g. “deep learning”, visit leading technology companies and work on practical case studies.
  • Writing an essay or a report, wouldn’t it be great to focus entirely on the content without any need to worry about formatting your final output?
    “Data Science for Everyone” will quickly teach you how to go from one simple source format to multiple possible output formats, like e.g. HTML, PDF and MS-Word. And the tools you need are all completely free.
  • You need to write an essay, a report or a thesis in which you are analyzing data?
    Once your data changes, wouldn’t you like to ensure that any tables or graphics update automatically? We will introduce you to some very convenient and free tools much less painful than MS Word. And we will even show you how to make your work reproducible for the rest of the world. At the end of the course you will have the chance to write your own project and impress your friends at home.
  • Our new world of big data is not only a world of self-driving cars and unlimited opportunities Sometimes big data algorithms are opaque and may be (mis)used in a way to harm people at critical stages of their lives …
    We shall also look into the dark side of big data and discuss ways to defend ourselves against the possible misuse of big data algorithms.
  • One day of the summer school will be devoted to meeting the faculties at Kempten University. Feel free to join lecturers from your area, learn about their research and ask them how they handle their data every day.

Who will teach us?

You will meet lecturers from various academic backgrounds. There will not only be the usual suspects with degrees in mathematics, statistics, computer science and biology, but also a specialist for information graphics design and a specialist for tourism. We will truly provide you with an introduction to “Data Science for Everyone”.

Summer School Program

Monday, July 23 Tuesday, July 24 Wednesday, July 25 Thursday, July 26 Friday, July 27
9.00 am – 12.15 am Introduction to Data Science Tools for working with data (1) Visualizing data (1) Meet our facilities (R&D examples) Customer journey analysis with Google Analytics
 12.15am – 1.30pm Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
 1.30pm – 5.00pm Introduction to Data Science, from 3pm Mayor’s reception & guided city tour Kempten Tools for working with data (1) Trip to BOSCH: Digitalization Best Practices (tbc) Meet our faculties (R&D examples) Tools for working with data (2)
Evening Get together Light hike with great views of the Alps & picnic You may enjoy Kempten nightlife with our students