You can apply easily by filling out the registration form and adding the documents mentioned. You can easily upload these documents on our registration platform. For your registration it is absolutely necessary that you are enrolled at a University in your country. We can’t offer participation to professionals. That’s why we ask you for a certificate of enrollment. This is a certificate saying, that you are a member of your University.

Concerning the Upload of a Health insurance certificate (or in Europe a blue EHIC card): Just upload a file saying “I will organize my health insurance as soon as I have been accepted for Kempten International Summer School”. That will be fine.

You are welcome to apply for Kempten International Summer School, if you are a Bachelor or a Master student. Please apply within the possible registration period and if you want to benefit from the early bird discount, don’t miss the early bird deadline.

For professionals there is a Professional School of Business & Technology at our University. You are welcome to look at what they offer. The text is also available in English.

If you would like to spend a whole semester or more at Kempten University, please get into contact with our international office. They are happy to help.