General Information

Germany has about 82 million inhabitants and its capital is Berlin. Germany is in the Central European Time Zone (CET). The main language spoken is German, but English is understood and spoken by most people, especially younger people. In general Germany is a safe country.


There are four seasons in Germany – usually it is spring from March to May, summer from June to August, autumn from September to November and winter from November to February. In spring it is warm outside, and the first sunshine comes out. In summer it can get hot, up to 30° C degrees and in autumn it is kind of chilly but very beautiful with colorful leaves falling from trees. In winter it is cold outside, it can snow, and temperature can fall under 0° C. Always be prepared for any kind of weather in Germany, since it can change very quickly.


The currency used in Germany is the Euro. Generally, it is best to always have some cash on you since little shops or public transportation might not accept credit cards as a payment. Credit cards are usually widely accepted and ATMs to withdraw money are very common.


The supply in Germany runs at 230V and sockets generally require a two-pin plug with rounded prongs. If needed, you should bring an adapter.

Opening Hours

Supermarkets are open from 7 am to 8 pm. Shops usually open from 9 or 10 am to 6 pm.
All shops and supermarkets are closed on Sundays, but little bakeries are open to get breakfast. Restaurants have varying opening hours but are usually open on Sundays, too.

Also, Germans DO have a sense of humor ?